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There seems to be some confusion about what you should use when creating your company’s official online presence on Facebook. Some have setup pages while others have setup communities or groups. The difference between the two is pretty simple when you boil it down, but understandably confusing for those that don’t regularly use Facebook’s business resources.

The simplest way to think about which to use is this. If you own, created, or are the company, object, or person that will be represented then use a page. If you just want to talk about a company, object or person that doesn’t belong to you and want to share your interest/disgust with others like you, then use a community or group.

For example Vanilla Web Design has a page on Facebook that represents our company. Because it is the official representation of the company, it is and should be a page. But, if you love us and want to tell the world how great we are and know that there are thousands out there like you that just want to talk about all of the amazing sites we produce, then you would build a community or group to do so. Since you don’t work for us and don’t officially represent us, you would use a community or group to share your opinions with your friends.

The fuller explanation from Facebook on the differences can be found in the links below.

A community page is for fans of yours, or for you to talk about your favorite company, artist, car, celebrity, paper, whatever.

An older blog post from Facebook that further defines the difference between Pages and Groups,

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