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A blog takes little effort and can be used to reach your niche around the globe, engage customers on their social networks, and demonstrate your knowledge and accomplishments in your field. Blogging is a great tool in your marketing repertoire. Be sure to post something regularly and evaluate your message to make sure it is of interest to your customers. Nothing says “I’m not in business” more than a blog that hasn’t been touched in more than a year. So, create a system to post guest blogs, your own writing and even pictures of your work and life. Making things a little personal can also help keep your customers engaged and help you reach others like you. Just keep it professional.

The one caution to blogging is this. Establish a system to keep it active or don’t do it. There are all sorts of good tips available on the internet to help you create a system to regularly blog and to track engagement and we have shared many of these on our Facebook page. It will take a while to get your cadence established, but once you commit it will only get easier to complete.

Blogging is a critical part of marketing success today and that is why we offer blog writing in our services. We know it works and will help drive customers your way. So, do a quick search for tips and tricks or to find someone that can help and get started. Your customers are waiting. And of course you can sign-up for one of our service plans and we will provide the help you need to make your blog a success.


PS: the picture for this post is from Dr. Seuss's book, The Shape of Me and Other Stuff.
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